The “S” in IoT stands for “Security”!?

Yes, you heard it right! The “S” in IoT stands for “Security”! With increasing number of applications, hardware prototypes, Operating Systems, Software platforms and Cloud solutions, IoT is appearing in almost every domain we can imagine of! However, how many of these solutions are actually safeguarding our connected devices and networks from the attacks of […]

The future of Smart Agriculturing

With Global population rapidly increasing to reach 10 billion by 2050, the human race will face challenges in terms of water resource, food production and agricultural land. It is evident that traditional agriculture will not be sufficient to support the increasing demand for nutritional food. Will IoT solve this problem? Will it help the human […]

Really, AI is threat to your job?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly becoming relevant in many areas. and when we talk about AI, the first question that haunts our mind is, if it is going to cut jobs in future! At first it might seem that it will adversely affect the jobs and people, however a much deep insight into it will […]