Photo Magic’s 50,000 magical downloads!

All magics starts with some extraordinary spells! And the spell that played almost little more than a year ago is spreading magic to your Windows Phone users till date! And yes, we are talking about our first Photo category app – Photo Magic for Windows Phone that recently crossed 50,000 downloads worldwide! Celebrations are part […]

Kidz Tv, Vintage TV, Movie Central & all Video apps updated!

Due recent changes in the Google’s youtube platform, lot of Windows Phone applications that used the service got affected and could not play the video from WP! We have updated all our Video apps so you can enjoy them all as you were before! Few months ago, Google changed their youtube platform and added signature […]

Veronica – your chat bot is available on Windows phone

Veronica – Our new app which is a very simple Chat Bot is released today on Windows Phone. The app features 6 bots that user can select and play with asking random questions! The best thing is your bot learns and expands its brain every time you ask it a question! Veronica is one among […]

Flipboard is your best magazine on Windows Phone

Flipboard for Windows Phone arrived just lately and it’s been a great experience so far! If you are looking for reading news around entertainment, sports, politics, world and more like your customized magazine then “Flipboard” is the best in the category! I have been using Flipboard since it launched for Windows Phone 8. Although until […]

Best Banking apps on Windows Phone in India

This time, let us take you through the best banking apps on Windows Phone In India! Investment and so banking is ubiquitous and some of these apps are so good that they are almost complete replacement for visiting a bank! Citi (R) Cards Citibank’s “Citi Cards” is good for Credit card holders. It’s 128 bit […]