Photo Magic’s 50,000 magical downloads!

All magics starts with some extraordinary spells! And the spell that played almost little more than a year ago is spreading magic to your Windows Phone users till date! And yes, we are talking about our first Photo category app – Photo Magic for Windows Phone that recently crossed 50,000 downloads worldwide! Celebrations are part […]

1st App Hunt Challenge Winners Announced

Our 1st App Hunt challenge got a overwhelming response! Amongst thousands of entries we selected 3 lucky winners who responded with correct answers and their participation really impressed us! On November 17, we announce the first 3 lucky winners of “App Hunt Challenge”! The challenge got us an overwhelming response with thousands of entries! Firstly […]

Veronica – your chat bot is available on Windows phone

Veronica – Our new app which is a very simple Chat Bot is released today on Windows Phone. The app features 6 bots that user can select and play with asking random questions! The best thing is your bot learns and expands its brain every time you ask it a question! Veronica is one among […]

Flipboard is your best magazine on Windows Phone

Flipboard for Windows Phone arrived just lately and it’s been a great experience so far! If you are looking for reading news around entertainment, sports, politics, world and more like your customized magazine then “Flipboard” is the best in the category! I have been using Flipboard since it launched for Windows Phone 8. Although until […]