Price Check India app crosses 25,000 downloads on Windows phone!

Our first shopping app “Price Check India” crossed 25k download mark on Windows phone and that too with more than 130 reviews with an average of 4.1/5 stars ratings!! Awesome! Isn’t it? Well we are grateful to all of you to make this app a big success on Windows phone! With an active daily unique […]

“App Hunt” Challenge for Windows Phone Users

“App Hunt” challenge is back again and this time it is more simple than earlier! We have ONLY 4 questions for you to answer which are related to 4 of our Windows Phone apps and although it looks like a “Treasure Hunt” kind of job, believe us that they are pretty much simple! We also […]

Integrating Flurry Analytic to your Windows Phone apps

In today’s world, when you have all major ecosystems flooded with Smartphone applications, it is not successful until you understand your customers! The users who downloads your app and what they like and do not like from your app! Understanding your customer and reacting to their requirements can help your app achieve the success of […]